If you don’t actually care about Black people having equal protection under law, why are you making suggestions to those who do?

What are the critical elements that constitute a „riot“ and when do riots offend you? If we view rioting as a mass temper tantrum expressed through violence [and] property damage, white sports fans do that monthly. #Tradition

[One] group can burn [and] loot when a team scores less points than another[,] but when paid public servants kill citizens, we gotta be BaggerVance?

Where are all the think pieces [and] coverage of the pathology of white culture every time white frustration vents violence [and] destruction? There is nothing „black“ about rioting. How dou you think we got all this land?

Historically[,] riots have been tools for intimidation; destroying populations, taking land [and] valuables. #BlowingOffSteam #BoysWillBeBoys

Whites rioted throughout the early 1900s, slaughtering, burning [and] lotting entire thriving black townships, just because of the adjective.

You’ve watched hulking bullies [with] badges, robes [and] money brutalise, kill [and] cage human beings every [ear] of your entire lives [and] said nothing.

So Exactly What Kind Of Violence Don’t You Like? [sic]

Police [and] policies have been rioting on our bodies; destroying people [and] property every single day of your lives. But here you come. [..] When the beaten, marinated in centuries of trauma, pain [and] distress, manage to muster a response, here you come, squealing; revealing.

You seem to really hate when people do „things that aren’t helping“ like contextualizing issues based on empirical evidence. #UghTheWorst!

Things that „aren’t helping“ happen every single day though, which means you had a million opportunities to research [and] contribute. #But

You have so much to say, yet we’ve never seen you out here […] before. Who shows up after the event [and] criticizes the audience’s reaction?

So tell me again, what kind of violence it is that you detest? I keep forgetting. ToWhom? FromWhom? HowOften? For how long? InOrderToWhat? [sic]

The reaction to oppression has always been spun [and] marketed as validation for the status quo.

Notice how the party slogan, no matter font or cleche, always boils down to #NeverChange.

You want us to condemn black folks being violent against PROPERTY but you NEVER condemn police killing actual PEOPLE. #Explain #JustTry

– Jesse Williams, Twitter


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